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Baths, faucets and kitchen by Roca


Experience, knowledge and specialisation

At MASIÁ, S.A. for more than 80 years, we have been providing and installing glass at construction sites, whereby we always collaborate in the most audacious, innovating, emblematic and significant projects with an ample staff of our own, well prepared and expert in this market, conjugating materials such as glass and stainless steel.

At MASIÁ, S.A. we dispose of our own workshop with an extension of 2.000 m2, a space that allows us to carry out the most complex and voluminous types of work.

This combination of experience and knowledge positions us as the specialist number one within the market.

  • Double window panes
  • Sheet glass
  • Securit installations
  • Reflecting glass
  • Curtain type walls

  • Skylights
  • Mirrors
  • Cast glass
  • Moulded glass

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Our collaborators:

 ClimalitDorma  Seves Glass BlockSecurit

Stadip   SGD La Granja

Saunier Duval Genia Hybrid

Saunier Duval Genia Hybrid

Innovation Award for the proposal of heating system, hot water and cooling Genia from Hybrid Saunier Duval.

Glass for building
Sanitary for bath and kitchen
Faucets for bath and kitchen
Heating for home and industry
Air conditioning for home and industry
Electrical appliances
Ceramics and roof installation