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Baths, faucets and kitchen by Roca
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Experience, service and quality from 1920


Certificado de calidad en Sanitario, Electrodomésticos, Griferia, Calefaccion, Aire acondicionado y ceramica

At MASIÁ, S.A. as a guarantee of quality of our Service and of the Products that we distribute, in 1998 we achieved the Certification of the Quality System ISO 9002, for Distribution, as well as Glass Installation and the Distribution of Complementary Construction Equipment in our different sections: Sanitary Installations and Electrical Appliances, Faucets, Heating and Air Conditioning, Ceramics and Parquet.


At MASIÁ, S.A. we consider the offering of quality service to be of priority::
10.000 different articles on a permanent stock basis.
120.000 different articles delivered annually.


At MASIÁ, S.A., as a response to the necessities of our clients, we put a complete fleet of our own vehicles, equipped according to the characteristics of the distributed products, at your service.


At MASIÁ, S.A. we dispose of our centres in Barcelona and Girona with 2000 m2 of exposition space (permanently updated) so that our clients can use these as though they were their own.

Certificado REA
Registro de Empresas Acreditadas
Masia S.A. fulfills the requirements of capacity 
and quality of the laboral risks prevention in the 
construction sectorn

Registro de empresas acreditadas en el sector construcciónrea_masia.pdf

New BaxiRoca boilers and heat pump

BaxiRoca adds new ranges to their families Platinum condensing boilers, low NOx, condensing oil and heat pump Platinum BC

Calderas de condensación BAXIROCA

Glass for building
Sanitary for bath and kitchen
Faucets for bath and kitchen
Heating for home and industry
Air conditioning for home and industry
Electrical appliances
Ceramics and roof installation